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Our ASI team of aviation experts and extensive global networks will assist you to identify, locate, and purchase the ideal aircraft for your requirement.

The team has spent many years in the world of international aircraft acquisition and sales. Our extensive knowledge and experience place us firmly as one of the industry’s true leaders.

We have offices in South Africa (Africa Region), Singapore (Asia-Pacific Region), and the UK (Europe Region) to cover a broader regional footprint and offer region-specific advice.

We handle each transaction with precision and efficiency, handling all regulatory procedures, technical, and financial aspects to ensure the sale is completed smoothly and accurately for both the buyer and seller. Should issues ever arise, ASI maintains the highest standard in order to fully protect everyone involved in each transaction.

It is difficult to find anyone more experienced or better connected worldwide. We use these connections and resources to help our clients gain an advantage in the pre-owned aircraft market.


ASI will reduce the stress of buying, or selling, of pre-owned aircraft by managing the entire Sales Process, including, Pre-Purchase Inspection, In-Depth Technical Evaluation, Pricing and Marketing.

ASI’s service also provides expert management negotiating of Purchase Agreements, Closing Agreements, and Full After Sales Services to every client.

We are fully committed to insuring clients obtain the best solutions possible to get the greatest benefit from the investment that suits their needs based on our knowledge market trends, market expertise, and industry resources.

There are few Aircraft Sales and Acquisition Businesses in the World that offer integrity, passion, and excellence that compare to Aviation Sales International (Pty Ltd).

We believe in ethical principles and making sure every client we deal with will be a returning customer.

Our team consists of the best in the business. Through decades of real-world experience in the aviation industry, we have made the whole process of buying or selling an aircraft what it should be for you….easy.

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  • The Pioneer Jet Program is a turnkey solution for a first-time jet buyer who might not be able to fathom the costs and expenses required. It is to help him/her visualize expenses to come on a timeline so they will be able to make a decision. At the same time, it is to provide them with a taste of ”The private jet lifestyle”

Understanding of the mission-purpose of aircraft based on range/pax/budget/CAA/management solution and signing on the PJP (Functions as mandate)

Advise on aircraft type.

Aircraft options based on the above-mentioned parameters.

A full breakdown of cost in terms of maintenance/management for the next 5 years of ownership along with the resale value.

Presentation of the aircraft keys to the client.

LOI  and usual acquisition steps.

Aircraft charter with complimentary onboard dining (provided by for the charter quote)

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Anantha Krishna
Asia Pacific Regional Director
Simon Oliphant-Hope
UK Regional Director
Jamie Chalkley
UK Regional Director